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6 months


English, Hindi, Marathi

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Take the first step towards dominating the Indian Real Estate Market!


Welcome to the RealEstate Masterclass Mentorship Program - the ultimate solution for unlocking success in the competitive world of real estate. Our immersive program is designed to empower real estate professionals, aspirants, and entrepreneurs with the knowledge and skills to thrive in the industry. You'll learn how to build a super-profitable real estate business, how to close your first deal, sell high-ticket properties, create a stable monthly income, and build a formidable team. Our program delves into advanced techniques such as increasing sales tenfold, mastering negotiation and closing strategies, and leveraging digital tools to grow your business. The RealEstate Masterclass Mentorship Program offers a transformative learning experience that goes beyond traditional real estate education. Join our community, committed to excellence in real estate and start your journey today.


  • Introduction - Why, How, What...
  • Concepts and Terminology
  • Legal Aspects & Documentation
  • Fundamentals of Property - Types, Markets, Micro Sectors, Scope, Government Policies etc
  • MAHARERA Act (2016) - Regulation, Registration/Renewal, Examination etc
  • Digital Tools & AI - Website Builder, Bulk Broadcast, Free Lifetime CRM, Scripts/Drafts etc
  • Marketing - Copywriting, Landing Pages, Funnel Building, Brand Development, Email/Whatsapp Automation
  • Lead Generation - Organic & Paid Campaigns
  • Sales - Calling, Site Visits, Negotiations and Closing Strategies
  • Practical - Lead Generation, Client Management, Project Visits, Closing etc
  • Business Setup - License, GST, Team Hiring etc
  • For job placement - resume building, mock-interviews etc
  • Additional Income Sources - Interior Design, Loans, Property Management etc


Additional Bonuses

RealEstate Masterclass Mentorship Program led by India’s #1 real estate master coach & author - Rohit Gaikwad,is your investment in a brighter future for you. Here are a few bonuses of the course:

  • Live online session once you close the First deal
  • 100 pages copywriting workbook - fill in the blanks drafts
  • Questionnaire for qualifying prospects
  • 1 min sales pitch template
  • VIP Membership - Lifetime FREE updates
*Terms and conditions
  • Sole-selling (exclusive mandate) agreement draft
  • Land/plot documents Checklist
  • Rent receipt-template, Security Deposit - Template
  • Property Inspection - Checklist, Industrial Business flowchart
  • 80% OFF coupon code for Indian Real Estate Agreement Drafts Package
* Terms and conditions

Added Value Highlights


Unparalleled Expertise:
Benefit from the wisdom of seasoned professionals and industry experts, ensuring you receive top-notch guidance in every aspect of your real estate journey.


Comprehensive Skill Enhancement:
Each bonus is designed to enhance specific skills, providing a well-rounded skill set crucial for success in the competitive real estate market.


Strategic Advantage:
Gain a strategic advantage over your peers with exclusive insights, secrets, and blueprints, not commonly available in standard real estate education.


Community Support:
Join a thriving community of like-minded individuals who share your commitment to excellence. Network, collaborate, and learn from others on the same journey.


Lifetime Access:
Enjoy lifetime access to these exclusive bonuses, allowing you to revisit and reinforce your skills whenever you need a refresher, ensuring continuous growth in your real estate endeavours.

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Meet Your Mentor

Rohit Gaikwad - Real Estate Coach

Rohit Gaikwad

Real Estate Coach & Author
15+ Years of Experience

Rohit Gaikwad is India's renowned Real Estate Master Coach & a published author. He sold 12 million sq ft till date & counting. He is recognized as an authority on how to build a super profitable Real Estate business using simple and easy strategies without a huge investment. He has helped thousands of real estate professionals from India to build, grow and scale their real estate businesses. He is authorised MahaRERA trainer and already worked with over 500 realty Brands, mentored 17k+ students and professionals, 25k+ Broker worldwide Network, 188k+ followers across all social platforms. He authored and published real estate related 10+ Books, 3 research papers and 100+ articles at magazines and newspaper like Sakal, Money, Arthshakti, Banco etc.

Benefits of Mentorship


Guidance and Wisdom:
A mentor provides valuable guidance and imparts wisdom gained from their own experiences. Benefit from their insights to navigate challenges, make informed decisions, and avoid common pitfalls in your journey.


Accelerated Learning Curve: Mentorship accelerates your learning curve by providing a shortcut to success. Learn from your mentor's successes and failures, saving time and effort as you absorb lessons that might otherwise take decades to grasp independently.


Networking Opportunities: A mentor opens doors to a broader network within your industry. Leverage their connections to expand your professional circle, gain access to valuable resources, and foster relationships that can propel your career forward.


Personalized Feedback: Receive personalised feedback on your skills, performance, and goals. A mentor provides constructive criticism and encouragement, helping you hone your strengths and address areas for improvement with tailored advice.


Enhanced Confidence and Motivation: Having a mentor boosts your confidence and motivation. Knowing that someone experienced believes in your potential can be a powerful motivator, instilling the self-assurance needed to tackle challenges and pursue ambitious goals.



Who is the creator of the RealEstate Masterclass Mentorship Program?


The program is meticulously crafted by India’s number 1 real estate coach & author Rohit Gaikwad, an industry expert and seasoned real estate professional with a wealth of experience. The creator brings a wealth of knowledge to ensure you receive top-notch guidance and insights.


Are there any prerequisites to enroll in the program?


No specific prerequisites are required. The Real Estate Masterclass Mentorship Program is designed to cater to professionals, aspirants, and entrepreneurs at various stages of their real estate journey. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned professional, the program adapts to your needs. But make sure you are committed to learning.


What if I have technical issues or need additional support?


Our dedicated support team is here for you. If you encounter technical issues or have any questions, simply reach out to our support team, and they'll ensure you receive the assistance you need promptly.


What we will get in success box?


8 books, 1 real estate dictionary, 1 pendrive, vastu compass, 1 pen, 14 recorded courses, 18 documented templates, agent kit etc.


Who is eligible for the Course?


  • 10+2 Edu,
  • Age - 18 years completed,
  • Interest in real estate


What career opportunities can I explore after completing the course?


  • New business,
  • Job - join builder/brokerage organisation,
  • Internship with placement suppor


Do you offer job placement assistance for course graduates?


Yes, placement support is available.


Do you have instalment options in fees payment?


Yes, we have 3 months emi option available for fees payment (required documents & eligibility for education loan)


What is money back guarantee?


During program we are giving 1 deal closing assurance (equivalent to your fee amount) For more information you can discuss it with co-ordinator.

Authorization Letter
Terms & Conditions
  1. All the contents and reference material provided during the training are meant for only the trainees strictly. The sharing of material with anyone else shall be considered a breach of basic business ethics and liable for suitable penal action as deemed fit by SIMACES Learning LLP (SIILC).
  2. Any sharing of material can be undertaken only with prior written consent. To obtain such consent please email to
  3. SIILC reserves the rights to vary, modify or withdraw any of the free / support services offered as an add on to the main training program published on its website or in any of its promotional material without any prior notice. SIILC shall strive to offer such support services on a best effort basis.
  4. The published training schedule maybe changed without any prior notice depending upon availability of trainer/classroom.
  5. Trainees are not allowed to share personal data of their fellow batch mates with anyone or make use of it for any personal use; any such instance will be considered a breach of basic business ethics and liable for suitable penal action as deemed fit by SIMACES Learning LLP (SIILC).
  6. Candidate shall attend classes regularly as per published schedule and maintain a minimum of 60% attendance to obtain successful certificate of training completion. SIILC will not be responsible for any loss under any circumstances.
  7. Recordings of the training session shall be provided only for stipulated duration.
  8. Readiness for the Certificate examination will be facilitated by SIILC but the final examination solely governed by MahaRERA Authorities.
  9. Fee once paid shall be non-refundable in any case, however leeway shall be provided to the enrolled trainee to change his/her batch from the one originally chose at time of enrolment.

Commitment and dedication are key to unlocking your highest potential and if you wish to be at the top of your career then this is the program for you. I promise that this course can grow your business 10X.

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