SIILC is a value-driven company determined to create lasting impressions backed by behavioural change. Our mass learning-based sustainable solutions empower public administration, and enable private organizations and investment firms achieve maximum productivity of which real estate agent certification Maharashtra is one of them. Solving the major societal challenges that hinder development can be effectively resolved through our learning solutions. We are on a mission to make your work more productive and life happier.

Our Learning Specialities

SIILC structures your learning process by dividing it into two operational parts.


Solutions Solving Critical Challenges in Society

We develop and implement mass learning-based solutions along with behavioural change to address complex challenges in the society.


Solutions Leading to Employment

We initiate and execute custom learning solutions involving numerous innovative concepts eventually leading to employment generation.

AP Globale Group

AP Globale is a customer-centric group having eight decades of industry presence with its key operations in SIILC (Skilling & Education, Impact Funding, Media, Advisory & Consulting, Community Transformation, Events and Special Projects / SPVs). Our motto is to transform the world through our innovative approach of dealing with people’s problems.

SIILC Learning unleashes the features of the AP Globale ecosystem, primarily the Sakal Media Group and Palladium Impact, in order to create a strategic platform for people to learn and evolve through proven solutions. Offering the real estate agent certification programme is one such career-defining solution from us.

Who We Serve



SIILC serves the interests of administrative firms across the world belonging to central as well as state governments. Additionally, we align with local administration bodies and government-run organizations. We ensure that their objectives are met in the process of providing them with learning-based solutions.Thus, we ensure innovative changes are implemented, creating a positive impact all around. Our solutions prove to be the best-fit for your organization besides being reliable, customizable and flexible.



We have been in the business for several decades now. SIILC is known to uphold the interests of people through its creative initiatives implemented in a fast-paced learning environment. Drawing inspiration from our implementations through our modern learning solutions, we continue providing the most effective results along with lasting values.

Most of the organizations fail to achieve sustainable goals due to the lack of the right approach. Embedding sustainability in every business we associate with results in overall development with increased focus on social and economic facets as well.

Donors and Investors


Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are not achieved unless they are supported financially. Numerous donors we come across are known to struggle extensively in order to bring about the social change needed. The lack of information has been found to be one of the key factors for such gaps.

Our group is well-informed and connected rightly across the world leading to many more associations at the national and international levels. We bridge the gap for our donors with necessary domain expertise along with a consistent evaluation process. Eventually, the results are much more efficient and equate to the value of the amount involved.

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