The Difference Between A Regular Agent & A Certified Real Estate Agent


The real estate business has been blooming with hundreds of intakes preparing to become a real estate broker. The high point of working as a real estate agent revolves around the perks, regardless of the actual representation, which is marked as a rewarding job prospectus. 

Getting a lead isn’t the only part that should be solely focused upon, the right step would require a real estate agent with an authentic approach. Starting off with a license to work, stand out amongst your competition with genuine documents to back you up. 

Real estate agent courses will not only help you prepare for future possibilities but will ensure you are ready to take on a job with any hurdle. Becoming a verified real estate agent can land you opportunities best for career growth. 

The core difference between a regular agent & a certified agent is something you should look out for.

Regular Agent

  • No authentic proof to support their selling which can affect the profile in a negative manner. 
  • A regular agent won’t be aware of the penal provisions. 
  • With a lack of knowledge, a regular agent is bound to make mistakes while drafting a document. 
  • Inclined to earn less considering the regular agents are less likely to attract clients. 
  • A regular agent appears to be a scam and has fewer work opportunities. 

Certified Agent

  • The course will help a certified agent with key skills necessary for a real estate agent that include knowledge of the Maha RERA portal. 
  • Is accustomed to the sales process leading to a deal and has a grasp of working on an agreement & forms. 
  • Knows their way around real estate calculations and analysing if the investment is profitable. 
  • Legally can work as a real estate broker which reciprocates to a higher income. 
  • The recognition will be authentic, increasing work opportunities. 

Calling yourself an agent isn’t enough, the right attitude with original documentation is a sure-shot way to earn your client's acceptance. With a lack of documents, you are more likely to look like the least desirable option for a client to pick. 

Getting acquainted with SIILC- the authorised training partner of Maha RERA is an investment for a glorified future. SIILC offers certification courses helping the aspirants to achieve the right guidance while preparing them for scenarios that can likely happen. 

An association with SIILC can provide you with the following: 

  • Quality education with Industry experienced professionals. 
  • One-on-one real estate broker training covering essential topics that’ll benefit you in the longer run. 
  • Certification of completion of the course will enable you to work as a real estate agent. 
  • Case study and practice tests to challenge your aptitude. 
  • Prepare you to advance your professional skills for an enhanced real estate career

You can then put your skills to the test once you complete your course. Remember, investing in yourself will enable opportunities worth every penny. The more authentic you appear, the more clients you’ll attract. 

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